“Golden Years” Actress Mikolina Become the tourism ambassador of Yilan


At the invitation of Dongshan Township, Yilan County, Mikolina (黃露瑤), an actor of the “Golden Years (黄金岁月)” of the eight o’clock TV program, went to Zhongshan leisure agricultural area to shoot a promotional video of the Mid Autumn Festival, and this time went to Yilan to shoot a sightseeing video, laughing that she wanted to be a sightseeing Ambassador of Yilan. Not only do you have a one-day tour of the iron horse to experience the slow life in the countryside, but also lead the audience to eat, drink and have fun. Huang Luyao said that she has not gone abroad for a long time due to the epidemic, but she likes to travel and enjoy delicious food. It is the greatest satisfaction to be able to work and play at the same time.

In the film, Mikolina took everyone to experience the food, clothing, housing, transportation, education and music of Yilan. He also used dice to let God decide where to go next. He not only went to the magnificent xinliao waterfall, which is about 250 meters high, but also went to the ancient life art museum to dye tea and dye cloth with tea, showing the unique pomelo dyed T-shirt of “Zhongshan tea dyeing aesthetics” Go to Xinshan tea garden to stir fry tea DIY by hand. Pick tea, stir fry tea and twist tea by yourself. You can take it home, whether it’s for drinking or giving gifts.

Mikolina said with a smile that she is an out and out travel food controller. She used to love going abroad, whether it’s self-help travel or going with her family and friends. She is also a master of itinerary planning. The highest record is to take more than 20 friends to Penghu, plan everyone’s itinerary perfectly, and make different arrangements according to the personality of her friends. In recent years, because of the epidemic situation, he was unable to go abroad. He often went to Ilan on a whim. Even a person suddenly thought of booking a ticket at night. He called his agent and said, “I don’t have a class tomorrow. I’m going to play in Taitung! I just bought the ticket!” and immediately flew to Taitung the next day to find friends to play with, which made the agent cry and laugh.

Mikolina also said from the bottom of her heart that Yilan has a very broad field of vision. The scenery here is really different from the city. “Yilan is really comfortable and drives very fast. You can drive here to have fun when you’re free.” Yilan, with beautiful scenery and slow life, is also listed as the best place to take your parents on a trip. He smiled and said, “you can really ask me to be a tourist Ambassador!”


Mikolina becomes Yilan tourism ambassador. Figure/nanxuan studio


Mikolina becomes the tourism ambassador of Yilan. Figure/nanxuan studio

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