Gao Yunxiang Spent the Weekend with His 5-year-old Daughter

On November 7, actor Gao Yunxiang posted a number of photos of his daughter, with the text saying: Hi a little girl you are really naughty. (Hi, little girl, you are so naughty).

These two days were on the weekends and there was another heavy snowfall. Gao Yunxiang finally had time to play with his daughter while he was busy. The little dimple was even more overjoyed and showed a bright smile.

The only photo of the two of them, Gao Yunxiang did not appear in the picture with his entire face, but with snowflakes in his hands, he squatted down to interact with his daughter. The small dimple on the opposite side is wearing a pink cotton jacket and a black knitted hat. She has been staring at the snowflakes in her father’s hands, and she is also holding a handful of snow in her hands, as if she is not afraid of the cold at all.

The other photo shows a small dimple standing in the snow. His hair is half lost because of the play, and he smiles sweetly when facing the camera. The eyebrows are very cute. The falling snowflakes are very exaggerated, like cotton, this situation is really a bit like a picture in a Korean drama.

The five-year-old dimple has gradually developed facial features, with a gentle temperament on his body, like his mother Dong Xuan.

Judging from the photos Gao Yunxiang shared, he took the dimples to many places this weekend. From the very beginning, he tied his hair up, and it became messy after playing. Both father and daughter can’t care about their own images, in the cold wind. Trembling in the middle.

The small dimple in this photo has turned red from the cold, with his own toy in his hand, looking at his father Gao Yunxiang with pleading eyes, it seems that he hasn’t had enough.

In the photos shared by Gao Yunxiang, the mansion he lived in was accidentally exposed. Although he did not see the whole picture, it was absolutely luxurious from the perspective of the decoration of the doors and windows. It is a typical courtyard structure with a retro style, spacious and bright, with small dimples. You can play unscrupulously in the yard.

Since Gao Yunxiang and Dong Xuan divorced, he seldom revealed the current situation of his life. It was not until this year that the case became clear that Gao Yunxiang returned to the public eye. Judging from his current situation, the family business accumulated before should be enough to live the rest of his life.

In June of this year, Gao Yunxiang also attended the birthday party of Little Dimple, celebrating his daughter’s birthday with his ex-wife Dong Xuan and other friends in the circle. A family of three is rarely in the same frame. It is said that the husband and wife are birds of the same forest, and the catastrophe is about to fly separately. Although Dong Xuan and Gao Yunxiang divorced, they did their best in all aspects. Now they are getting along well. Gao Yunxiang can pick up his daughter and live with him on weekends. For the three of them, it is the best ending.

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