For His Daughter’s First Birthday, Tony Yang can only interact with her daughter through online video


Actor Tony Yang (杨祐宁) became a father last November, but due to work and the epidemic situation, he can’t often accompany his daughter. Even on his daughter’s first birthday, he can only interact with his daughter through video.

Tony Yang took a lovely back photo of his beloved daughter on Instagram today (2). He wrote, “this is your first birthday. As soon as you were born, the world is experiencing a great epidemic. Because of this, daddy can’t fly back to you when people are working. But you should remember that we still sing together, raise our hands, pray, pat and blink through video every day.”

Tony Yang revealed that he recently watched a documentary about mortals going to outer space and said with emotion, “I always think that leaving you to work is like these astronauts entering the boundless thoughts with a great mission, but I found that you are the astronaut who came to explore, and I can only tell you the story about the moon, where Orion’s belt is, the brightest star in the sky is not the Polaris, but the planet, and you are not looking up to us. In the future, one day we will be together I’ll look up at you, see you around the earth, and tell us about the border we haven’t been to. ”

A confession of love for his daughter. Netizens praised “good writing” and “good father’s meeting”. Their good friend Ruby Lin (林心如) also joked that “talking well is still very moving” and asked Tony Yang to continue.

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