Faye Wong, Li Yapeng’s daughter Li Yan Welcomes Her 16th birthday in Switzerland


Faye Wong and Li Yapeng’s daughter Li Yan has always attracted the attention of the outside world because of her status as the second generation of stars. She is currently studying in Switzerland. On the 27th, she celebrated her 16th birthday. Her best friends shared photos of Li Yan’s birthday party. Li Yan with long hair and a shawl was praised for getting more and more beautiful.

LiyanLi Yan is 16 years old!

Li Yan, who is enrolled in a famous aristocratic school in Switzerland, recently shared her 16th birthday with her on social networks and leaked top-secret photos of the party. In the photo, they are wearing off-the-shoulder outfits together, and they are not stingy to show their bodies and pose for “Fushi” shooting, exuding pure charm, quite like the shadow of their mother Faye Wong.

LiLi Yan is praised for getting prettier as she gets older.

Li Yan posted a series of swimsuit photos on social media earlier. Although she was criticized as being too sexy as a minor, she was confident in her gestures. Some netizens expressed support for her self-expression and praised her photos for being healthy and beautiful. And in her photo this time, it can be seen that she is getting more and more beautiful with long hair and a shawl, and hugging with her good girlfriends is also very good-looking.

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