Eric Suen has returned to Hong Kong to develop, the past two years in the Mainland to make movies


(Hong Kong 26) Eric Suen debuted in Taiwan in 1992, and then returned to Hong Kong to develop until recent years to develop in China, mainly to make movies. A few days ago, he revealed on the social network to finally get on a plane back to the relevant, mentioning that the initial flight to Shanghai in order to shoot a commercial, but it seems to be a “sudden immigration”, until two years later finally returned to the longed-for Hong Kong.


Eric Suen uploaded a photo of himself on the plane in his Facebook page, saying he was back in Hong Kong again: “Two years ago, I went to China to shoot a commercial, but I didn’t expect to leave for more than two years, so I’m grateful to my Chinese friends who helped me ‘suddenly immigrate’ to Shanghai. These two years are really very fulfilling! Shanghai is indeed SO FUN SO HAPPENING! I miss my home! Miss my dog and cat! I miss my family! I miss my car! I miss my fans! Miss my teahouse! Miss my Hong Kong! I miss it!”

SunEric Suen misses Hong Kong food.

He also noted “86 to 852” on the selfie, meaning the change of international phone country code, and couldn’t help but say, “I think I might cry when the plane lands.” When fans saw that he was ready to go home, they were happy to leave messages like “I’m so happy for you, I’m so touched”, “Finally home, it’s great”, “Welcome home, take care”, and “Finally you’re back in Hong Kong! “Finally you’re back in Hong Kong”, “We miss you too”. And Eric Suen’s wife, Macy Chan, has also accompanied the “immigrants” back to Hong Kong.

SunEric Suen and Macy Chan occasionally let their hair down on Weibo.

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