Edison Chen’s family of three watched the Basketball game, and his 4-year-old daughter danced on the sidelines.

November 9 | Edison Chen appeared at a basketball court in Los Angeles to watch a basketball game with his wife Qin Shupei and daughter Alaia. After the photo was exposed, it attracted the attention of netizens.

On the same day, Edison Chen appeared in a shiny Chinese style suit, standing on the sidelines very eye-catching, Qin Shupei wearing a hat and mask to cover tightly, wearing a loose striped T-shirt and trousers, the supermodel is very tall, looks better than Husband is half a head taller.

Among the family, the most attractive is their 4-year-old daughter Alaia. I saw Alaia wearing a red plaid shirt, a yellow short skirt on her lower body, and hole shoes. Although the stadium is crowded and there are many cameras focusing on him, Alaia is not afraid of life at all, and dances on the sidelines, a proper hipster.

During the break, Edison Chen also grabbed Alaia’s hands and played with her happily. His face was full of loving smiles like an old father, and he was very happy.

As we all know, Edison Chen is a famous “baby madman”. After this competition, Edison Chen also posted a series of cute photos of her daughter, which attracted many netizens to like.

In the photo, Alaia is holding a basketball in one hand and Biye in the other, her eyes narrowed, and behind her is a beautiful cheerleader with a hot body. In another photo, Alaia stood in the first row watching the cheerleader performance, while Edison Chen’s attention was only focused on her daughter, and even the back was taken, not wanting to miss every moment of her daughter’s growth.

He also recorded his daughter’s dance through the video, and saw Alaia jumping around, making fancy moves on her hands, and almost tripped herself.

In addition, Qin Shupei also appeared in the photo. She squatted on the side of the court and took off her mask to reveal her bare face. Alaia leaned on her mother’s shoulder and made a grimace on her side.

The picture of the mother and daughter cuddling together is too sweet! But I have to complain. Edison Chen’s shooting technique is really very general. The angles selected are all mysterious, and Qin Shupei is photographed like a normal person. The face looks strange, and he has not displayed the level of beauty that a supermodel should have.

In fact, this is not the first time Edison Chen has published a “death angle” photo. It can be said that almost all of Qin Shupei’s “black pictures” are from her husband. Even so, Qin Shupei will not blame Edison Chen for this.

When celebrating Qin Shupei’s 32nd birthday this year, Edison Chen posted a photo of his wife wishing for a birthday cake. The light is dim and the angle is awkward. The photo of Qin Shupei is hard to describe and people can’t recognize it at all. Although the shooting technique is simple and the banquet layout is simple, the atmosphere is still very warm.

Since giving birth to a daughter with Edison Chen, Qin Shupei has been in a state of semi-retirement, enjoying a happy family life with peace of mind, always appearing in a bare-faced state, and dressing everything in a simple manner. Not to mention Edison Chen, after experiencing many ups and downs, the whole body exudes a sense of vicissitudes, and his appearance is obviously declining. Netizens are often ridiculed by netizens like the rural uncle.

Nowadays, the couple’s minds seem to be focused on their daughters, and they don’t pay much attention to their image in front of the camera. They publish photos without filters and makeup, and they always show their true state. They can feel their love for each other across the screen.

Looking at Edison Chen’s social network, you can find that in addition to his own fashion brand career, almost all about his daughter and wife. In addition to watching football games and traveling with my daughter, I often accompany my daughter to participate in various parent-child activities, racking my brains to make my daughter happy.

On Halloween just past, Edison Chen brought her daughter to the playground to play, and dressed herself as a dinosaur, pretending to eat Alaia, but unfortunately there was no intimidation effect. Alaia and his daughter played around the crowd. , Like two children, playing quite ecstatically.

When Edison Chen and Qin Shupei formed a family, the cross-border combination was not favored by the outside world. Unexpectedly, in the past five years, the relationship between the two has become better and better, and the happy appearance of a family of three is enviable. I wish the two of you love forever, and look forward to Alaia growing up healthy and happy!

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