Eddie Peng recently ended his quarantine in Shanghai and flew back to Hong Kong


(Hong Kong, 29) Eddie Peng earlier in Shanghai isolation, was caught by netizens disheveled look, and the usual boy look too big contrast, and he also enjoys himself, but also on IG humor to share their own explosion of messy hair, not shaved beard selfie, but also once also on the hot search. A few days ago, a netizen in Hong Kong happened to meet Pang Yu Yan to see the exhibition, the photo of him began to “clean up after themselves”, handsome male god look back, many netizens see can not help but shout: “male ‘Pang’ friend is back! “The first time I saw him, he was back.


Recently Eddie Peng flew to Hong Kong again, after lifting the quarantine, he was photographed by netizens watching the exhibition, the photo of Pang Yu Yan wearing a dark gray T-shirt, with red shorts, wearing a blue duck tongue hat, black mask, styling dress comfortable, the whole person handsome a lot.


Eddie Peng was photographed by netizens watching the exhibition in Hong Kong, and everyone exclaimed that his boyish look has returned!

As the image of Eddie Peng continues to collapse during his isolation, this time he was captured in the wild in Hong Kong after the outbreak of the photo, netizens have exclaimed: “simply different people!” Then they also laughed and said, “The male ‘Peng’ friend finally cleaned up after himself”, “Everyone stop watching my husband”, “grew into my mother’s beloved son-in-law look! “, “Mom! This is my male ‘Pang’ friend”, “Male ‘Peng’ friend returns”, “Where is it? I also went to meet by chance”.


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