Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds star in the Netflix action comedy “Red Notice” which premiered in Los Angeles on the 5th


Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds starred in the Netflix action-comedy “Red Notice”, which premiered in Los Angeles on the 5th. The most eye-catching “charming” point was that Gal Gadot, who only gave birth to his third child in June this year. Now he has recovered his hot figure, showed his long legs against the sky in a shiny red dress. When asked if the child knew that her mother was a world-renowned superstar, she replied with a sweet smile: “my child only knows that I am an actor and a famous actor. In addition, she has limited understanding of my work. After all, I am their mother.”

In Netflix interview, Gail said happily when she mentioned her cooperation with Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds: “it’s really fun and pleasant to cooperate with the two men. The biggest challenge in the shooting process is that I can’t laugh. I want to keep the mysterious face in the play and can’t laugh secretly, but God knows how much I laugh!” she also mentioned her favorite dance with Dwayne Johnson, Because at first glance, it seems that it’s just easy to dance and talk, but it’s actually stepped by step. The play is full of all kinds of turns and surprises. It’s super fun and fun to call directly.

Dwayne Johnson said happily at the event site: “this is the largest premiere event in Netflix’s history!” in an interview with Netflix, he described the film as: “we seem to take our fans into a journey and give you many surprises and turns all the way. We are absolutely unexpected and can’t guess”. He didn’t forget to win over the fans and said sweetly: “Fans understand and have good taste. My intuition tells me that this film will be a top-selling film. Is a film generally good or super good? Actors feel it while shooting. I can feel that fans will like it. They are very smart.”

When asked about the cooperation with Johnson and Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds replied jokingly, “this is an invincible action comedy adventure film with all kinds of refreshing elements. It is unprecedented to find such a trio. Netflix tried to produce the film. Because of this kind of CASS, the”Red Notice” is so special.”, he also mentioned that the three people had a good interaction and tacit understanding. because he had known Dwayne Johnson for more than 20 years, which means that the two had known each other for so long when they were playing sand in the park when they were children. They were proud to show off that they could maintain such a long friendship. He also knew Gal Gadot for nearly 10 years, so they had a relaxed and natural tacit understanding from the beginning!

In addition, the most unforgettable thing was that he had to run and jump on a four-story scaffold. He couldn’t help wondering whether he could really run like this and called himself “really crazy”, he has always been Frank in his speech. He also directly revealed that although some scenes also rely on doubles, because the film team is shot with high-resolution cameras, they try to show their professionalism in person!

It is worth mentioning that Vivian Dawson and his girlfriend Kirstin Leigh, who are currently in Los Angeles, were also invited to attend the premiere of “Red Notice”. When they saw Gal Gadot, they both turned into fans and shouted happily, “I’m so excited to breathe in the same air with Gal Gadot!” Netflix’s strongest action comedy adventure blockbuster of the year “red wanted” 11/12 (V) Exclusive launch in 190 countries around the world at 3 pm!


Vivian Dawson is also invited to attend the premiere of” red notice “. Photo/Netflix provides

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