Donnie Yen’s daughter Jasmine is beautiful and talented, and has a lot of artistic talent

Donnie Yen, has a daughter, Jasmine, and a son, James, with his wife Cissy Wang. Jasmine, who is 18 years old this year, has the best genes from her parents and is beautiful and talented.

Jasmine announced earlier that she had been admitted to the university of her choice, and will soon be enrolled in the famous music school in the United States, the Burke Institute of Music, to become the sister of Wang Lihong and Ouyang Nana. While school is not yet in session, she recently enjoyed her vacation in Hong Kong, today (24) went to West Kowloon to see the art exhibition, the little girl excited to take pictures!

The picture shows Jasmine wearing a pink undershirt with high-waisted white pants, showing a “thirty-seven” body proportion, plus a low copying angle to form a 9-headed supermodel body, the visual effect reached 6 feet high, so that the already long legs more slender, very eye-catching!

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