Deng Jiahua’s salary Reveal with a Heat Discussion Online

鄧佳華在連千毅底下工作已滿一個月。 圖/擷自instagram。

“FBI Handsome” Deng Jiahua (鄧佳華 suffered many setbacks in his work recently, and then got the help of online celebrity Allen Lien (連千毅). He worked as an employee and live broadcast helper in his seafood company. Now he has worked for one month. He is happy to expose his salary in September, which has aroused heated discussion among netizens

Deng Jiahua sent a document on Ig at noon today and attached a picture. The picture said: “last month’s salary was recorded as 30000, and the balance was originally 27 yuan.”. As soon as the article was published, some netizens thought it was super inspirational, “great, great, come on”, “you have more money than me… Your total assets have increased more than a thousand times overnight…” and “earn or lose Jiahua”

In fact, even Qianyi treated Deng Jiahua well after he recruited him as an employee. At the beginning, he offered the conditions to eat and live. Later, Deng Jiahua became a live broadcast helper. Even Qianyi arranged a special driver to pick him up from work. Playing games in the program would also give him cash as a reward, which made many netizens envy, Frequently asked Deng Jiahua to cherish this opportunity

鄧佳華在連千毅底下工作已滿一個月。 圖/擷自instagram。

Deng Jiahua has worked under Allen Lien for one month. Figure/taken from Instagram

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