Shih Yi-nam and Lee Chien-na got married in “Tavern by the Lethe” in ancient style wedding clothes

Eli Shih (施易男), Lee Chien-na (李千那) performed Tang Meiyun Gezai Opera group “Tavern by the Lethe (孟婆客棧)”, which interprets “Butterfly Lovers (梁山伯与祝英台)”, one of the four folk love stories. Whether the play can successfully hold this eternal sadistic CP century …

“Call Me By Fire” Finished, Jordan Chan, Lee Seung-hyun and Julian Cheung successfully Won out

The list of “Call Me By Fire (披荆斩棘的哥哥)” Revealed

On the evening of October 29, the finals of “Call Me By Fire” were staged. After a series of competitions, Chen Jordan Chan, Lee Seung Hyun, Julian Cheung,

Nearly 500 Tickets for the “I Do” Golden Horse Film Exhibition was Sold immediately

The first two episodes of the cult crime film series “I Do (我願意)” will be premiered in Asia at the Golden Horse Film Festival. Tickets are on sale today (30th). Nearly 500 seats will be sold in one second.

The …

Chang Hsiao-yen supported Mickey Huang and thanked him for singing the Theme song for “Under One Roof”

“Under One Roof (一個屋簷下)” of TVB and Sanli new 8:00 will be broadcast simultaneously on TVB’s main frequency and Sanli metropolitan station at 8:00 p.m. on November 8 (Monday). The play specially invited Mickey Huang (黄子佼) to sing the theme …