Crystal, 14-year-old daughter of Yvonne Yung, was praised for her ancient costume photo shoot

The 53-year-old, 1989 Sister Asia winner Yvonne Yung married Lau Lun Ho in 2007 and has a daughter Crystal Liu Maki (Crystal) since their marriage. The two mother-daughter photos were uploaded on Weibo, and netizens praised Liu Mills for her elegance and resemblance to Ajiao (Cindy Chung), who today shared her first photoshoot in costume on the Internet, which again received a lot of praise.

The daughter of Yvonne Yung, Liu Maki, shared three photos of her in costume on Weibo today (25). In the photos, she looked childish and very pretty, with her hair tied up in a bun and wearing a long, flowing pink dress, gentle and elegant, which turned out to be her first costume photo shoot in her life.

“At the beginning of this year, my mother took me to take my first group of costume photos in my life! Hengdian is really cold at the beginning of the year. The photo shoot, really also feel the actor is not easy. I just took a group of portraits, but they have to shoot a full day of scenes in such a cold day! I never thought I’d look like this in costume, I always thought I wasn’t suitable for it (my mom said the same thing), but it turned out much better than I thought it would, thanks to the photographer, costumer, and makeup artist …… I kinda like wearing costume! I hope to have the opportunity to wear vintage clothing afterwards. Thank you mom for giving me this opportunity!”

Yvonne Yung retweeted her daughter’s post and said, “From a professional assessment, your modern fashion sense might be a little stronger! But this vintage look also caught my eye, better than expected! Many people are confused by the glamour and vanity of show business, but they overlook the hardships involved! I’m so glad that you’ve learned from just one photo shoot in the cold weather! Because only through deep experience can we truly understand that every profession requires continuous efforts to enrich and perfect ourselves!”

Liu Maki these several ancient costume photos were appreciated by many netizens, but this time there is no mention of her like Ajiao. Netizens said: “sister ancient costume so aura, more photos”, “suitable for playing a quiet little princess, very temperament”, “Hong sister and crystal mother and daughter both beautiful”.

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