Congratulations! “Social Playlist” and “484 Get Crazy Club” Won 2 awards at the American Telly Awards!

484 Get Crazy Club

(Kuala Lumpur, 26th September) Astro’s original humanities documentary “Social Playlist/声音猎人” and the “debate” based variety show “484 Get Crazy Club/484 搞疯会” have received good news at the 43rd Annual Telly Awards, winning the Gold Award for “Television – Social Impact” and the Silver Award for “Television – Music Video” respectively.

484 Get Crazy Club“484 Crazy Party” won a Silver Award at the 43rd Annual American Telly Awards for Best Music Video on Television.

The main purpose of the Telly Awards is to recognize outstanding television programs, commercials and video content of all genres, and is known as the “Oscars of American television programming. When receiving the news of the award, Astro’s Chinese production team was excited to share that in addition to thanking all the people involved in the production, they were also looking forward to using “Sound Hunters” as a humanities documentary series to bring more attention to and improve the humanities stories that have long been neglected, so that their voices can be heard farther.

Sound Hunters” brings together a number of musicians and film industry artists to collaborate across borders to explore social issues in the most authentic recording format, and the production team also shares the program’s original intention: “We can never completely eradicate evil and darkness, but we can make good intentions a little stronger than evil.” It is worth mentioning that the program has also won 4 awards at the Asian Film and Arts Creative Awards 2020 – Best Documentary Series, Best News or Current Affairs Host/Anchor, Best Editing and Best Theme Song in Malaysia, and now it has been awarded the “Best Social Impact Award (Gold) in Television” by the Telly Awards in the US. “This is the icing on the cake!

Sound Hunterstitle=”Sound Hunters” won the “Gold Award” for Best Social Impact on TV.

Another winner of the Telly Award – Best Music Video on TV (Silver), “484 Crazy Club” is an original brain-based debate show launched by Astro last year, which breaks the stereotypes of debate shows through different approaches and elements. To coincide with the launch of the program, the production team invited Guo Xiu Yu to compose the lyrics and sing the theme song of the program, “Do You Say”, which is full of quirky and fun. We will continue to develop more interesting variety shows and bring more fun and informative programs to the audience!”

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