Choo Ja Hyun Addresses Allegations of Husband’s Infidelity for the First Time: “Careless Actions Disappoint Many”

Recently, Choo Ja Hyun and Yu Xiaoguang appeared on a Korean television show. During this appearance, Choo Ja Hyun and her husband openly discussed the allegations of Yu Xiaoguang’s infidelity in 2021.

It was reported that in July 2021, the media captured images of Yu Xiaoguang with another woman. Of particular note, when getting into the car, Yu Xiaoguang allowed this woman to sit on his lap.

Immediately, these images became a topic of discussion for a period of time. Although Yu Xiaoguang denied the allegations of infidelity at the time, the public continued to criticize the actor. Back then, Yu Xiaoguang stated, “No matter how close the friendship or relationship is, I should still be cautious. I should have known that this action could lead to misunderstandings.”

Choo Ja Hyun speaks out for the first time about allegations of husband’s infidelity.

As for Choo Ja Hyun, the actress maintained a silent attitude regarding these allegations against her husband at that time.

In a recent program, Choo Ja Hyun finally addressed these allegations. Choo Ja Hyun shared, “This is also my first time discussing this matter. A careless action has disappointed many people.”

Choo Ja Hyun and Yu Xiaoguang got married in 2017. A year later, the couple welcomed their first son. Since the birth of their son, Choo Ja Hyun has primarily lived in South Korea, as she is not accustomed to living with her in-laws. When Choo Ja Hyun has filming commitments, Yu Xiaoguang travels to Korea to care for their son.

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