Chia Yeong-chieh’s Husband’s high EQ response for Winning the outstanding alumni award by his wife

賈永婕老公獲得台北大學傑出校友獎。 圖/擷自賈永婕臉書

Chia Yeong-chieh (贾永婕) revealed on the 31st that she accompanied her husband to receive the outstanding alumni award of Taipei University. Unexpectedly, her son thought that her husband would win the award because of her relationship with the “goddess of epidemic prevention”, and the response of Chia Yeong-chieh’s husband Gao EQ was praised.

Chia Yeong-chieh revealed that her husband won the outstanding alumni award of Taipei University. When she wanted to go out with her husband to receive the award, her son seriously said to her husband, “Dad, you should rely on your mother’s relationship to get outstanding alumni?” suddenly the air condensed for 10 seconds, and then her husband said to her son “If you can marry such a good wife and achieve her, you should be outstanding and will become an outstanding alumni!” Chia Yeong-chieh cried and laughed, “what’s done! How difficult it is for me!”

Chia Yeong-chieh accompanied her husband to receive the award. One day, when the photographer photographed her husband’s glorious moment, and her husband gave a speech of thanks, he told the story that happened this morning and won applause from the audience. Netizens praised Chia Yeong-chieh’s husband for “your husband is great and knows to have a throne” and “a very wise man who really makes each other the best person” “Your husband is very intelligent, and he is very confident.” even ICU Doctor Chen Zhijin said with a smile that “if you can marry such a good wife and” be well “, not only the outstanding alumni award, the Antaeus award and the human dedication award will be awarded to you!”

賈永婕老公獲得台北大學傑出校友獎。 圖/擷自賈永婕臉書

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