Chen He’s 36th birthday accompanied Zhang Zixuan to unpack the courier

November 9th is Chen He’s 36th birthday. Friends Yin Zheng, Zhuzhen and others sent blessings. His mother shared his childhood photos for Chen Chichi’s birthday. Fans called him, but he lacked his wife Zhang Zixuan’s birthday wishes.

On the evening of the 9th, Zhang Zixuan shared the life vlog as usual. This is an unboxing video.

Zhang Zixuan wore a bean paste sweater suit and called the “tool man” to appear on the stage. Zhang Zixuan, who wore long hair, was gentle and perfect. His laughter was particularly contagious and lovely and agile.

Chen He intimately accompanies his wife to work. His daughter makes a voice and he patiently urges Sister An not to disturb her mother, so that the male and female partners will not be tired from work.

Chen He helped Zhang Zixuan to unpack the large express delivery. Zhang Zixuan bluntly said that she would be the right person, and she would also make gestures to her husband when the clothes were removed. As the operator of the whole family, Zhang Zixuan controls the family’s preferences and size, and is a qualified good wife and mother.

Unlike other celebrity couples, Chen He and Zhang Zixuan, who have been married for four or five years, have not disclosed the same frame, even if they appear in each other’s account, they all appear as mosaics. Netizens are used to Chen He occasionally guest appearances on Zhang Zixuan’s vlog, but unfortunately, “to contribute Not pleased.” Chen He accompanied Zhang Zixuan to record a video for more than ten minutes. The whole process was a mosaic of “tool man”, and he couldn’t see the expressions of interaction between him and his wife.

This is not a small improvement. After all, the two are officially in the same frame. They talked and laughed very affectionately, but Chen He couldn’t show his face. Maybe it was a birthday bonus. Happy birthday to Chen He!

Netizens left messages in the comment area, and I hope Zhang Zixuan will stop typing and show her affection in the same frame with Chen He~

Chen He and Zhang Zixuan married in a low-key manner and gave birth to two daughters. The eldest daughter An An just passed her 5th birthday, and the youngest daughter was almost two years old.

They have been unable to let go of the online controversy that year. Chen He is more concerned about the opinions of netizens. Even Zhang Zixuan’s previous pregnancy diary made her husband quite embarrassed. Now it is not easy to dare to disclose the daily life of family happiness.

Zhang Zixuan once posted a family photo, except for himself, including Chen He and his two daughters, all other people coded, life after marriage is really not easy, even if they are happy and loving, they have not been able to show it in front of others.

After the marriage, Zhang Zixuan gave up working in front of the screen and concentrated on running her own clothing brand. In addition, she accompanied her two daughters to grow up. With the help of her mother-in-law and mother, the life of a family of four became more and more happier. Every time Zhang Zixuan was exposed to life, she smiled. .

Chen He became a proper daughter slave. The film crew was worried about her daughter and often shared the daily life of bringing a baby. His father’s powerful Chen Chichi hugged his two daughters effortlessly. The little princesses depended on their father very much, and Chen He loved their daughters very much.

Today on Chen He’s birthday, I believe Zhang Zixuan will also use the camera to record the happy moment. Will he send a vlog to a family of four in the same frame? I wish them happiness for the whole family!

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