Charmaine Sheh Recently Celebrated Her 47th Birthday, and Bobby posted a message to celebrate for her.

(Hong Kong, 29th) Charmaine Sheh celebrated her 47th birthday yesterday (28th). She posted a selfie with a rose in her hand on Weibo. She smiled sweetly at the camera, her skin was smooth and firm, and she was in a brave state! She also revealed that she has received 115 handwritten letters from fans, and she has read them carefully one by one, cherishing everyone’s hearts. In addition to receiving blessings from fans, Bobby Au-yeung also posted a message to celebrate her birthday.

She said, “I enjoy reading each letter, so I can guess the character of the person who wrote to me from the font, tone, and style of the paper. What does the person who has supported me silently for years look like? This process is amazing.”

She thanked everyone for giving her such a special birthday, “Cherish, may you all be as beautiful as roses and loved by all! PS. I heard there are still letters that I didn’t have time to send, it’s okay, we will have a long day ahead.”


Charmaine Sheh tweeted out a fan’s letter to her and responded to it one by one, quite thoughtful!

In addition, Bobby, who has worked with Charmaine Sheh for “Knife Female Detective/带刀女捕快“, “Witness To A Prosecution II/洗冤录2“, “Forensic Heroes II/法證先鋒II” and other drama series, also posted a text to celebrate the birthday of his friend, sunshine two former drama photos and photos together, wrote: “wish you a happy birthday, health always accompany, wonderful every day, get off soon!” In fact, they have a tacit understanding of each other no matter in and out of the drama, every year birthday will send each other’s wishes, Bobby has been 11 years in a row for Charmaine, deep friendship is enviable!


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