Chang Hsiao-yen supported Mickey Huang and thanked him for singing the Theme song for “Under One Roof”


“Under One Roof (一個屋簷下)” of TVB and Sanli new 8:00 will be broadcast simultaneously on TVB’s main frequency and Sanli metropolitan station at 8:00 p.m. on November 8 (Monday). The play specially invited Mickey Huang (黄子佼) to sing the theme song of the same name, and was in charge by Jiang Sansheng (蔣三省), a well-known music composer. Please try your best to launch a warm work, which moved the “variety godmother” Chang Hsiao-yen (张小燕), Luantan Ascent (亂彈阿翔), Ella Chen (陳嘉樺), Hsiao Huang-chi (蕭煌奇), Nine One One (玖壹壹) and Lulu Huang Lu Zi Yin (黃路梓茵). “Variety godmother” Chang Hsiao-yen gave a special voice and sent a blessing: “there is a person who loves singing under the eaves of my house, Mickey Huang. Thank Taiwan TV for giving him this opportunity to sing the theme song. I hope everyone looks at this good play and comes to listen to his theme song.”

When Luantan Ascent heard Mickey Huang’s singing, he was immediately attracted by the brisk rhythm. He beat time with the music and said, “the music is very warm and covers brother Jiao’s voice.” Ella Chan Jiahua was also deeply fascinated by the vibrant music style. She praised the beautiful combination of Mickey Huang and Jiang three provinces and pushed: “I really think you can form a young men’s group” and “golden song king” Hsiao Huang-chi also analyzed from a professional point of view: “a song that makes people feel warm and full of positive energy.” after listening to Nine One One, she was also moved and said: “it’s a very light, comfortable and catchy song.” Lulu Huang Lu Zi thought that Mickey Huang was the most suitable interpretation. However, it not only fully expressed the emotion of the song, but also included the story. She said excitedly: “Mickey are you going to become OST male god?”

In addition to expounding the problem of reorganizing the family, the “Under One Roof” of Taiwan TV and sanlixin eight point file also deeply discusses the new definition of family and the value of family affection, love and friendship.


Variety godmother Chang Hsiao-yen also helps recommend “under one roof”. Figure/TV provides

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