“Call Me By Fire” Finished, Jordan Chan, Lee Seung-hyun and Julian Cheung successfully Won out


The list of “Call Me By Fire (披荆斩棘的哥哥)” Revealed

On the evening of October 29, the finals of “Call Me By Fire” were staged. After a series of competitions, Chen Jordan Chan, Lee Seung Hyun, Julian Cheung, Qi Zhang, Jerry Yan, Huang Guanzhong, Zhang Jin, Terry Lin, MC HotDog, Jin Au-Yeung, Vincent Zhao, Liu Jia, GAI, Gao Hanyu, Michael Tse, Pax Congo, Leon Zhang joined the “滚烫唱演家族”.


In addition, Jordan Chan and Lee Seung-hyun won the annual X-Fire, and Julian Cheung became the X-Leader!

The rankings of the finals will be announced. The 1-17 teams are:

1. Jordan Chan (陈小春)

2. Lee Seung Hyun (이승현)

3. Julian Cheung (张智霖)

4. Qi Zhang (张淇)

5. Jerry Yan (言承旭)

6. Paul Wong (黄贯中)

7. Zhang Jin (张晋)

8. Terry Lin (林志炫)

9. MC HotDog (熱狗)

10. Jin Au-Yeung (欧阳靖)

11. Vincent Zhao (赵文卓)

12. Liu Jia (刘迦)

13. GAI (周延)

14. Gao Hanyu (高瀚宇)

15. Michael Tse (谢天华)

16. Pax Congo (白举纲)

17. Leon Zhang (张云龙)

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