Borneo Music Festival Live 2022 Will be Held at Sarawak Cultural Village on Sep 9,10 This Year


(Kuala Lumpur, 4 July) The Borneo Music Festival Live 2022 will be held at Sarawak Cultural Village on September 9 and 10, with a very luxurious lineup that includes Norwegian electro genius Alan Walker, Korean electro goddess DJ Soda, and Filipino DJ X Factor. The performance lineup is very luxurious, including Norwegian electro-music genius Alan Walker, Korean electro-music goddess DJ Soda, Filipino DJ X Factor, and Malaysian singers, including the long-lost Dong Yu Zhe, Lin Yu Zhong, and “Electro-music Princess” Choi Eun Yu.

大马歌手林宇中、东于哲以及蔡恩雨都有参与其中。Malaysian singers Lin Yuzhong, Dong Yu Cheol and Chua Eun Yu are among the participants.

The Borneo Music Festival, which was originally scheduled to be held in 2020, was postponed until this year and invited singers and DJs from six different regions around the world to perform on stage, allowing the audience to enjoy the enthusiasm of the music.

The festival also featured Singapore’s Nicole Chen, Indonesia’s DJ Venom C and Moski Love, and Malaysia’s DJMYVAX, DJ Paul, DJ Alexis Grace, DJ Chacha, DJ Ice Cream, the group At Adau and Tuku Kame.

挪威电音鬼才阿伦华克(Alan Walker)Norwegian electro-pop sensation Alan Walker

The show was also the first major music festival in Sarawak for DJ and producer Aaron Walker, who became a global sensation in 2015 with his song “Faded”, a video that has so far generated over 3 billion views on Youtube.

He is loved by his fans, and it is a rare occasion for him to perform in Malaysia in the post-epidemic period, which I believe will inspire his fans.

DJ Soda人气超高。DJ Soda was extremely popular.

As for the Korean DJ Soda, she has a lovely face and a perfect body, and has become popular from the DJ world to the internet world. Her excellent sound control skills, swiping techniques and signature pipe dance kept the audience’s emotions high.

In addition to the large-scale music performances, Borneo Music Festival Live 2022 will also include cultural, art and music exchange, and food stalls, for more information, please visit the festival’s official Facebook account.

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