Benny Chan responded to the controversy of giving leftovers to the nanny after the live broadcast


(Shanghai 26) Benny Chan and his wife Lisa Jiang in Shanghai during the closure of the city frequently open live, the recent remarks are frequently angered netizens, a few days ago they ate a lot of leftovers in the live broadcast, and then Lisa will all the food piled together, and then called the nanny to come over to eat, Benny Chan more shouted a: “dinner.” Lisa Chiang later also mentioned that “a month to give them 20,000 yuan salary, not to invite them to enjoy life.” This move immediately ignited the anger of netizens, angrily denouncing them for disrespecting the nanny, and Benny Chan also made his first response to the matter.

ChenBenny Chan and his wife Lisa Chiang recently started a food podcast, which has been a frequent topic of conversation.

The two couples in Shanghai during the closure of the city often open food broadcast, exploded to the nanny to eat leftovers, leftovers of the controversy, netizens think that this move does not respect the nanny, and the picture of the two people eating a lot of leftovers, they questioned why not in advance will be the food clip up and then distributed to the nanny, they saw the crowd raging, and hurriedly shut down live.

A few days ago, Mr. and Mrs. Benny Chan opened a live broadcast again, netizens again brought up the leftovers, Lisa Chiang directly counterattacked: “I asked the nannies to come home to work, a month to pay the two nannies more than 20,000 yuan salary, and not to ask them to enjoy the blessings. The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. And also refers to their own never with the nannies at the same table eating habits, this statement is such as fire water to put out the fire, netizens directly denounced: “She is a worker, she is not your slave, please respect each other!” Once again set off the crowd discussion, that the couple is just getting darker and darker.

AA netizen’s film vindicates Benny Chan and his wife.

Now there are fans who can’t stand it, in the shake out Benny Chan, Lisa Jiang together with nannies, assistants eating film, explaining the four people sitting at the table at the same time to eat, just the couple finished eating first, after the table was organized, leaving the nannies and assistants off camera to continue to eat, overturning the rumors of different tables, eating leftovers, to clear Benny Chan wrongdoing, but also fishing out Benny Chan message: ” The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

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