Antony Kuo Hit a ghost and throws up in a hotel,  Someone knocks under the bed in the middle of the night


The eight “WTO sisters” programs talked about taboos in various countries. When referring to the “ghost month taboo”, the host Antony Kuo (郭彥均) revealed his own experience of hitting ghosts. He said that when he went to Chiayi for a location a while ago, he couldn’t sleep well that night. Halfway through his sleep, he heard the sound of someone turning around under the bed. “I then heard someone pounding my bed three times and making a” touch. ” I looked at the time. It was 12:36 in the middle of the night, but I didn’t dare to turn on the light. Because I was afraid of seeing anything, I pretended to sleep as if I didn’t hear it, but in fact I didn’t dare to sleep again that day. “He said, he went to the counter the next day to ask for a room change. As soon as the counter heard the room number, it immediately agreed to let him guess that something incredible might have happened in that room

The compere Chung Hsin-yu (莎莎) also shares things that are difficult to explain scientifically. Hsin-yu revealed that a few years ago, her family was in poor health and didn’t get better when she saw doctors everywhere. Until a friend introduced a fortune teller, the fortune teller knew what she wanted to ask before she opened her mouth. She was quite surprised that she knew the part of her family that was sick. Hsin-yu said: “Finally, master asked me to change the dark door of my home into silver or bright color, or lay a silver floor mat in my home. Finally, the family who had no strength to lie down will be fine in two days. It’s amazing!”


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