Amy Yip recently spent HK$36 million to buy a luxury house, which has attracted much discussion


(Hong Kong, 27) Amy Yip, with the name of the “Boobies”, is a porn star in the 90s, retired from the entertainment industry for many years, although in the past there was a film business to pay a lot of money to invite her to make a comeback but was rejected, it is rumored that she recently smashed 36 million Hong Kong dollars to buy a mansion, amazing financial resources again aroused public debate.


She was at the peak of her career when she chose to take a break from acting for love, which faded from the scene, and her doctor boyfriend Lv Xizhao, who had been in love for more than 25 years, died suddenly of a heart attack in 2018, leaving Lizia alone.

TheThe 55-year-old Amy Yip has always been a mystery, this time she smashed a lot of money to buy a luxury house instantly caused a hot debate.

The company’s first-ever “The Best of the Best” is the first of its kind. The luxury house is a three-bedroom, mountain view, the unit also includes a car parking subscription worth 2.8 million Hong Kong dollars.

Because of her generosity, the news immediately set off a lively discussion among netizens, “the goddess as a child”, “are 55 years old can still spend money without being soft, the income should be porn star ceiling”, “occasionally midnight The TV will still stop to watch her movie in the middle of the night”.

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