Affectionate Kim Seon-ho is actually a super Playboy, who is Scolded by the Fans of “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha”


The Korean star Kim Seon-ho (김선호) who has just performed “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (갯마을차차차)” has been exposed. He is suspected of abandoning his ex-girlfriend. Many girls become “Mrs.Kim” after watching the play. Now he has changed from a warm man to a scum man overnight. Not only advertisers urgently withdraw their endorsement photos, but also his performance future may be ruined

A female netizen disclosed on the forum that she was “shot and ignored” by an actor surnamed K. She went out with k-man in early 2020. K-man seemed to be ready to marry her and met her parents. When she got pregnant unexpectedly, K man persuaded her to have an abortion, claiming that he would compensate 900 million won for it, and then transferred it to her for about 48000 NT dollars. K man then changed his attitude. Finally, he personally deleted all the photos of the woman about him and unilaterally told her to break up by phone

Female netizens were unwilling to “change their sincerity into ruthlessness” in these four months and decided to expose their true colors. In her disclosure article, she said in great detail that K man’s nature is completely different from that in front of the screen. She complained and abused the director and fellow actors, but pretended to be kind and humble towards the camera. Netizens questioned her mouth, but the female netizen was not afraid, claiming that a pile of photos at hand was the best evidence

South Korean media person Lee jin ho (연예뒤통령이진호) relay broke the news and directly said that the K man is Kim Seon-ho. Lee jin ho also revealed the details of more female netizens’ disclosure. It turned out that many media had long mastered the disputes between Kim Seon-ho and his ex-girlfriend. The results obtained after verification coincided with the disclosure text. Kim Seon-ho’s attitude towards work is even more flattering. He clearly established his popularity by relying on the variety show “two days and one night”, but he wanted to cut the image of a variety Cafe after acting

Kim Seon-ho’s brokerage company seems to have evaporated today, and there was no response before the deadline. At the age of 35, he was an artist who took shape in the evening. His performance in the “coastal village Qiaqia” made people cry. Many drama fans were dissatisfied that his scandal ruined the good play. They were angry that they couldn’t face him anymore and left messages “return my tears”. The audience who haven’t finished watching the whole episode is even more embarrassed and can’t help leaving a message “do you want to finish watching it?”


Kim Seon-ho’s sunny and warm male image is not guaranteed. Figure/Netflix provides

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