80-year-old Chen Cong Yong had a fever late at night and was sent to the emergency department 

陳松勇9月份才剛出席關懷演藝人員中秋節聯歡餐會。 圖/聯合報報系資料照

The 80-year-old Golden Horse Film emperor Chen Cong Yong (陈松勇) reported physical discomfort last (17th) night and was rushed to Linkou Changgeng hospital for treatment. Today, he revealed to the media that his health is no longer serious.

According to the SETN news, Chen Cong Yong revealed that have a fever in hospital examination, only blow to the wind, rest, and so on, can go home when the blood test comes out, but the hospital considers that he has diabetes, and suggests that he should stay in the hospital to observe.

In fact, Chen Cong Yong attended the “109 caring entertainers Mid Autumn Festival party” in September this year. Although he was in a wheelchair, he still didn’t change his humorous character. He joked: “Last Dragon Boat Festival, because foreign nurses didn’t look at the mailbox and missed the ticket collection time, I came very early this time. But I’m not short of money. I don’t know who I want to give a lot of money to. I can’t give it casually when I see someone.”

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