61-year-old Singer Fei Xiang Show His Recent Photo in Weibo


(Taipei, 17 August) 61-year-old singer Fei Xiang (also named Kris Phillips) became popular in Taiwan in the 1980s, and later developed in China, his tall and handsome appearance and singing strength, have been a huge fan over the years. However, in recent years he has not appeared in public, a few days ago he rarely on the Internet to show recent photos, which immediately set off the netizen’s hot debate.

台美混血男歌手费翔是演艺圈的男神代表,190公分的他拥混血帅脸、结实身材和一双长腿,举手投足帅气爆表。The singer is the representative of the male god in showbiz, he has a 190cm height, a mixed handsome face, a strong body, and a pair of long legs, handsome in every move.

Fei Xiang recently shared on Weibo: “Every hot summer, I think of traveling to Italy, because there is the best ice cream in the world”, and introduced the Milan hotel where he stayed and the La Scala Opera where he enjoyed the performance. After watching the performance from 8 to 11 pm, it was Italian dinner time. Fei Xiang happily exclaimed: “It’s very suitable for a night owl like me.”

Fei Xiang has generously posted a series of travel photos, and he himself is rarely seen in the mirror. In the photos, Fei Xiang wears a hat, a black graffiti T-shirt and close-fitting black trousers in the mirror. Fei Xiang, who has a beard, is sunbaked until his face is flushed red. , Although the shape is rough, it is full of masculinity, but the face is a little fat, and it is hard to recognize at first glance at the photo.

费翔最近到意大利游玩,他在微博分享意大利美景,更罕见曝光近照,照片中的他满脸胡须,穿著简约不失帅气。The most recent trip to Italy, Fei Xiang shared the beauty of Italy on Weibo, and even revealed a rare recent photo, in which he is full of beard, dressed in simple but handsome.

As a matter of fact, last month Fei Xiang attracted attention because of the IP issue of the posting place, when he stressed that the microblogging postings are written by myself, the pictures are taken or collected by myself, “and then sent out by my Shanghai team for me, so the IP will show ‘Shanghai’.” He also did not forget to call out to his fans, saying that he had seen all the messages on Weibo, “Please forgive me for not being used to taking selfies, so I rarely send pictures of myself… I will try!”

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