59-year-old Rosamund Kwan’s DouYin has Accumulated over 3.8 Million Followers


(Hong Kong, 11 Aug) the beauty of the great Rosamund Kwan is now 59 years old, but the beauty is still, and she is still in many people’s hearts of the goddess. In recent years, she has less performed in front of the screen, but is also keen to play Shake Yin, often sharing beautiful photos and life photos, has accumulated more than 3.8 million followers, but many netizens suddenly found that she only followed a person!

关之琳在抖音上载了示范不同场合不同打扮的影片。Rosamund Kwan uploaded a video on Douyin demonstrating different outfits for different occasions.

The other day, Rosamund Kwan uploaded a demonstration of different dresses to meet friends, workmates and elders in ShakeYin, showing the beauty of different faces, but many netizens are skewed, they found that Kwan Chi Lam’s ShakeYin account only followed the King Andy Lau alone, and some netizens went to Andy Lau’s ShakeYin message, pointing out that Rosamund Kwan only followed him alone, so it became a hot topic for netizens.

网民发现关之琳只关注好友刘德华一个人。The netizens found out that Rosamund Kwan only follows her friend Andy Lau alone.

Although this is the case, but Andy Lau’s Jitterbug account has not followed anyone, but the fact that the two of them have known each other for many years, but also collaborated in a number of films, the year or one of the screen CP, there have been rumors, and both sides always said they are good friends.

刘德华的抖音则没有关注任何人。The shake of Andy Lau did not follow anyone.

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