55-year-old Monica Chan Responded to the Rumors of Wearing a Ring to Get Married


(Hong Kong 29) Monica Chan won the Miss Hong Kong championship jumped to stardom in 1989, ultra-short hair high cool image has been deeply popular, has not been courted by her, now 55 years old has not married, recently rumored to have been promoted to wife, she also broke her silence today to speak.

FarrenThere’s a ring on her ring finger and she’s getting married right away.

Monica Chan early this morning in a microblog post denying marriage, said to see a Hong Kong media reports that: “Monica Chan married? The photo of her ring finger diamond ring steals the show.” She explained: “In fact, I am shooting a new TV series, the hand is a prop ring, because the people in the drama married.”

ExplainExplained in person.

It turns out that things originated from Monica Chan had posted a dynamic saying, “Do love fool, want to have a stable home.” In the video, Monica Chan wearing pink short-sleeved state is very good, because the ring on the hand is too eye-catching to trigger discussion, thought she secretly married a wife.

FarrenMonica Chan joins the reality show “Sister who invites dinner/请吃饭的姐姐” together with Ada Choi, Catherine Hung Yan and Athena Chu.

Monica Chan has previously mentioned in the program over the years she has no shortage of suitors, up to 7, 8 people at the same time. In recent years, she and Cai Shaofen, Zhu Yin, Hong Xin formed the “Hong Kong F4”, and also participated in the reality show “dinner sister” together to talk about their love history. At that time, she also confessed that “there are a lot of proposal rings in the drawer”, had been proposed many times, but happily agreed to “repent”, because always feel that “soon will not love me”, but also directly admitted to have The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

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