55-year-old Kong Jiu Become a Father Last Month (July 2022)


(Taipei, 10 Aug) 55-year-old Kong Jiu started out as a harmonic star in the past and is a representative of comedians in the minds of many viewers. He married his girlfriend of 14 years in 2020, and only his good friend Ren Xianqi was present to witness the wedding, and last month the couple also broke the good news, after the two of them had worked hard for a year, his wife gave birth to a thousand babies by Caesarean section, and he is still at the moon center with his wife, and he is so happy that he said he wants to grow up with his daughter.


The 55-year-old Kong Jiu last month welcomed a daughter in love.

The 30-year debut of Kong Jiu until the second half of life to become a father, his wife in October last year, pregnant, he also put off some work in China, back to Taiwan to accompany his wife to wait for delivery, July 13 on the birth of a girl, although the fetal position is not correct, three weeks early Caesarean section, but the daughter was born weighing 3465 grams, at that time in the delivery room heard the sound of his daughter’s cries, also cried with, that he was 55 years old can still It is hard to hide the excitement of being a father.

Jiu Kong, who is accompanying his wife in the confinement center, revealed in an interview that he expected to leave the customs next week, and because of the epidemic, he did not plan to entertain guests. Then he will dedicate all his time to his family. He has already started planning for retirement. He also bought 2,000 square meters of land in Jinshan, and planted 68 five-leaf pine trees and 35 bamboo and cypress trees to build his home. Jiu Kong smiled and said, “I want to accompany my daughter to grow up and send her to and from school. Otherwise, when she grows up, she may not care about her father.”

He said now also semi-retired, laughing when 30 years of television civil servants are also enough, Kong Jiu said: “People are working while raising children, I am working after semi-retirement to raise children, will certainly be more painful, has been named Xiaohu, her mother called her Alisa, currently do not dare to think about the second child, we focus on raising one, do a good job is the success of merit, and so she graduated from college I am almost 80, life has been very successful, now health will pay more attention, running, I do my duty in life, also enjoy the family, also very happy.”

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