49-year-old Elaine Ng Yi-Lei Share Her Recent News on Weibo, Who has Changed Her Profession to Sell Insurance

The 49-year-old Elaine Ng recently shared her recent news on Weibo. 

(Hong Kong 24) – Movie star Jackie Chan and his wife Joan Lin have been married for 40 years, and the couple has a son, Jaycee Chan, but he had an affair with Hong Kong-born Elaine Ng Yi-Lei in 1999, and she was pregnant, but Jackie chose to go back to Joan Lin, while Kelly gave birth to her daughter, Wu Zhuo Lin, alone. The love-hate relationship between the three has been a topic of conversation in the show business since then.

The 49-year-old Elaine Ng Yi-Lei shared her recent news on Weibo, sending out a schedule of her financial advisor course and a photo of her electricity meter, revealing that she had changed her career to “selling insurance”.

Elaine Ng Yi-Lei mentioned that some friends are curious about what she is doing now, and she revealed: “Last week I was doing renovations at the construction site, and this week I am in class, and I have to study and have a license. My job is actor, host, decoration, and design. , insurance and financial advisors, real estate, housewives. Seniors said, you have to make your clients make money before you can turn around, so in addition to filming, you also need to know the current market situation, regardless of the job, the client’s feelings are my feelings. Just got out of class today.”

In fact, it was rumored that Elaine Ng Yi-Lei gave birth to a “little dragon girl” and received 30 million Hong Kong dollars in childcare fees and 100,000 Hong Kong dollars in monthly living expenses, but she denied this in 2017. In 2020, she reposted a post on Weibo with: “Well-known entertainment reporter revealed that Jackie Chan once scolded Elaine Ng Yi-Lei as a scum in the entertainment industry and spent 40 million yuan to settle the little dragon girl”, and denounced: “Everyone in this world has , what 20 million, 30 million, 40 million, as long as you say it happily,” and self-deprecating: “It is also a blessing to be able to make others happy.”

It is reported that Elaine Ng Yi-Lei obtained the personal insurance agent license last month. Now she has multiple jobs to earn money to support her family. Many fans have left messages to express their support. Some people worry that she is too tired and remind her to pay attention to rest. In addition, for the decoration work mentioned in the article, Elaine Ng Yi-Lei also added in the comment area: “These jobs have been done for almost 20 years, haha.”

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