45-year-old Wen Songxian turned into a radio host, Bao Qijing as the first guest


Hong Kong entertainer Wen Songxian since 2012 after marriage, take care of the family and fade out of the scene. But now 45 years old, she appeared in ViuTV’s “The World” drama the year before last, and her acting skills were well received, many viewers hope she will return to the front of the screen and take on more drama.

Yesterday (22) Wen Songxian in the social media platform released a photo with Bao Qi Jing (Bao sister), officially announced that they will have a new challenge, is to do the radio host, the first guest is Bao sister, but Wen Songxian did not reveal is that a station host, she wrote: “one of my first mother from the film, a good senior who led me to cry 8 scenes in a row, the heart mouth Hang a brave word rush ah, see no surprise.” It turns out that Bao Qijing is her first mother from the film, and they have a very good relationship.

MenSonny Man pictured with Bow Wow, announcing herself as a radio host!

The most impressive is Wen Songxian in the drama “The Son of God seeks the Dragon” as the “Baguio Fairy”, the next few years In the following years, she also performed in a number of classic dramas, such as “The Four Talents in Golden Costume”, “The Fairy Tale”, “Flaming Heart II” and “The Black Forest”. But even with a good audience.

The Son of Heaven Seeking the Dragon“The Son of Heaven Seeking the Dragon” stills《金装四大才子》剧照The Legendary Four Aces/金装四大才子》Photos

The previous year, Wen Songxian was invited by her former partner, Ou Jintang, to re-emerge for ViuTV to shoot the drama series “Fight the World”. The company’s main goal is to provide a good service to its customers.

WenWen Songxian takes care of her family after marriage. View this post on Instagram

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