43-year-old Patty Hou Recently Posted a Photo of her Son Playing in the Park With her on IG

(Taipei, 18 July) 43-year-old Patty Hou was once named “Taiwan’s Most Beautiful Anchorwoman”, her sweet appearance, elegant temperament, is one of the representatives of the beauty of the showbiz industry. After marriage, she focuses on family life and rarely appears in front of the screen. Recently, she posted a photo of her son playing in the park on IG, but the sharp-eyed netizens found that her hair looked a little thin, worrying: “Life is not a little stressful, or photo problems?”

Patty Hou took the child out to play a few days ago, and posted a photo, mocking himself: “Professional nanny park to play with, please call for details.” In the photo, she was wearing a white long-sleeved dress, standing beside the climbing amusement equipment. Keep an eye on your child at all times.

However, in the picture, Patty Hou has all her hair up, and some netizens felt that her hair volume was sparse, which was different from the abundant hair volume she attended in public. , or is there a problem with taking pictures?”

If you zoom in carefully, the hairline on her right side is indeed a bit high, and the hair shows small holes, but it may also be because the hair is tied more casually that day, which makes it look sparse.

The internet users are also curious about how mother and son are wearing long sleeves and long pants when Taiwan is currently experiencing summer heat: “Wearing so much is not afraid of heat fainting”, some people are helping to answer: “This is in Australia, currently the southern hemisphere is winter!”

Patty Hou’s best friend Amanda Chu also left a humorous message in response, “This nanny is too positive and cannot get too close to the male owner.”

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