40-year-old Angela Chang Recently Shared Her 16-year-old Photo on Weibo

The 40-year-old Angela Chang has been developing in China in recent years, appearing on many singing and variety shows.

(Taipei, 30 August) 40-year-old Angela Chang debuted many years, not only in a number of popular drama as the lead actress, but also sang the “Yi Shi De Mei Hao/遗失的美好“, “Invisible Wings/隐形的翅膀“, “Aurora/欧若拉” and other classic songs, in recent years she turned her acting focus to China, often on variety and singing programs, popularity is quite high. She has been through a lot of turmoil over the years, but her face shows almost no signs of age, and she is also known as a “frozen goddess”, and she shared an old photo of herself at the age of 16 a few days ago, which has once again created a lot of buzzes.

The first thing that I’ve done is to take a look at a photo of her from 25 years ago on Weibo, when she was only 16 years old, with a cute sister’s head and medium-length hair, wearing a white top with a red undershirt with a cartoon pattern; the bottom is a slightly short plaid skirt, with the bubble socks that were very popular back then, the simple outfit still brings out her youthful aura.

The netizen’s attention is particularly drawn to the fact that Zhang Shaohan’s features have hardly changed much compared to now, and her natural face has become more feminine after 20 years of debut, so fans can’t help but leave comments praising: “I want to be classmates with Angela in 1998”, “Wow, it’s the young Angela! The first time I saw her, I was amazed at her youthful appearance. She is amazed by her youthful appearance.

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