38-year-old Rainie Yang Admits to “Body Aging” Feeling Anxiety

(Taipei, 26th) – Rainie Yang has been making her debut for many years, and has delivered outstanding results in both music and film, and her participation in the “Sisters Who Make Waves” season 2 last year has taken her popularity to a new level. She just celebrated her 38th birthday earlier this month, and with her natural beauty and well-maintained appearance, there is no sign of her age at all. However, she confided her feelings in a Weibo post yesterday (25th), frankly: “I’m not a person who is afraid of getting old, but when my body is in a stagnant state, I actually feel very anxious.”

Rainie Yang posted several selfies, her skin was fair and delicate, her complexion was ruddy, and she looked very good. However, she lamented the anxiety caused by age in the article, and gave an example: “It’s like losing weight in the same way, but the speed of losing weight is slower than before, or it takes more time to recover after a night. Made me aware of the aging inside my body, so I had to remind myself to eat healthier, exercise more diligently, and go to bed earlier.”

However, she admits she can’t be that disciplined every day, “especially when I’m working out, I can’t control my diet, I don’t have time to exercise, and I have to work through the night, so how am I going to combat these changes that age brings me? I’m still trying to figure it out, do you have the same problem?”

However, many netizens laughed and said that they couldn’t understand Rainie Yang’s troubles. Instead, they praised her for growing up against the sky, and she was still full of girlishness. “You have a childish skin, this tight flesh, what else do you want?”, “” You look younger than the 25-year-old me, I am very troubled by this”, “My sister has kept it perfectly”, “You don’t look like 38 years old”, “Don’t worry, Sister Yang, you will always be in my heart. 18 years old”, “Sister Yang is still beautiful”.

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